June 2-11 2022

Cold Open: The “True” Crime Podcast Musical

By: Chelsea Huang and Kailea De Leon

Everybody and their mom is obsessed with True Crime Podcasts. Every week on Cold Open, host Madison Max and co-host Beth find new unsolved crimes with trails that are as dead as their victims to dissect and bring into the spotlight. In this special 2-part episode, Madison Max and Beth explore the mysterious disappearance of Taylor Bass, a beautiful heiress who goes missing on her honeymoon.

Corporate Hell

By: Darcy J. Knopp

Luc is a frustrated corporate administrator, banished to a dead-end field office for speaking out against the big boss at a board meeting. Ever since, he has found his work to be spiritually devastating. To make matters worse, the Big Boss has sent his son to conduct an audit, in a move that could cost Luc a lot more than just his job. The mysterious Jezebel enters the picture, but it’s not clear if she is a corporate ally or a spy sent to sabotage the audit. The only things that Luc can count on is Sam’s (his secretary) ability to stir up drama and J.C. ‘s (Son of the Big Boss and the auditor) clueless-ness.

Hang the Moon

By: Mahara Sinclaire

When Karina Hastings, a wealthy white woman, accidentally hits a pedestrian, Nora Sarah,  in a crosswalk, she finds herself compelled to find her. Karina embarks on a journey of discovery that requires her to question everything she has known, bringing her face to face with her privilege, and secrets from the past that will propel her into an unknown future.  This play highlights the dynamics of Colonialism, and its impact on the lives of these two women who form an unlikely, but necessary bond.

How to Survive the Apocalypse (Without Really Dying)

By: Lauren Trotzuk & Nik Trotzuk

A group of unlikely survivors find themselves together in an abandoned diner facing the end of the world.

Port Moody Confidential – Glimpses

By: C.L. Young

The play centres around the recounting of events of a crime that Dreenie has witnessed as told to a young newspaper reporter on the hunt for a sensational story. Through her story we get glimpses of her life and the lives of those she is close to; she discovers what is valuable is not how sensational the story is or how much money it can bring her, but that its true worth lies with her relationship to the people in it and how their actions have touched her life.

**Cancelled due to Covid**